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Dave Evans Video of Hunting 15th November 2014

Hunting Starts!!!!!


“An opportunity to ride over some of Jersey’s most beautiful countryside and coastline”

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If you like to purchase any of these photos in full quality or get them printed this can be done by going to

For more photos of todays hunt please click on link on the right.

Also please have a look at Dave Evans photos they are at Should you wish to buy any there is a small mark-up over the cost and any profits go to the hunt!!!!!!!!! Thank you Dave

Some more great photos by Dave Evans. Should you wish any of these photos in high resolution please use the link below. Dave have very generourasly said that any monies made through the photos will go to the hunt. Any profits will go to the hunt !!!!!!

Some great photos here, should you wish any of these in high resolution please go to

The next lines are: Wednesday - La Palloterie, Rozel------- Saturday - Samarès Manor, St

The next lines are: Wednesday - La Palloterie, Rozel------- Saturday - Samarès Manor, St Clement

Also look here for some great photos taken by David Evans his website is Also, for those who can, don't forget Wednesday lines are also starting on the 15th Oct.

And just when you thought you couldn't have any more fun!

For those who have been cubbing and not sure about going on the main hunt, please remember jumping is optional, you can try it by being a supporter member, just £55 for adults £35 for juniors.

See you all next week for the Opening Meet!

Some more photos from Caroline Ozanne from last weeks hot line!

For those who are wishing to become full members (and keep on forgetting, like myself) please get your subscriptions to Christie. Details on the membership page of the website.

Claire's 13/09/14

All photos can be taken from the gallery page, just click on the image, to make bigger, and drag & drop. If you would like photos at high resolution and without the watermark please e-mail, see bottom of page.

Should you wish photos at high resolution from the professional photographers such as Kandi Prints & Gary Stringfellow please contact them directly or through the e-mail below. For all Drag Hunt photos please use the e-mail below, we keep the originals for at least two weeks.

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If you do like/use the Drag Hunt photos, you can if you wish, help support the club by donating a small amount towards the photos.

Thank You


girl bank

Some Kandiprint photos from last season

4th December 2013 26th November 2013