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Contact information for the JDH is below.  


If you are concerned about the JDH passing your grazing horses, the hunt endeavours to inform you that it will be going near to your field. If you have not heard from us, we will not be going near you. However if you are concerned please contact one of the numbers below. (the line is confirmed the day before hunting) Please do not post on Facebook as it may be missed.


If you have not been hunting previously and are thinking of going but would like to get some advice on what to wear, how long the hunt is, will there be jumping, please contact either Karen, Nick or Christie. 


Nick Arthur Hunt Master 07797715455
Mark Evans Huntsman 07797713209
Derek Clackett President 07797754191
Karen Dufty Field Master 07797722846
Alyson Malzard The Fox 07797738128
Ian  Ozanne The Treasurer 724721
Christie Barette The Secretary 07797 728 242
Guy Greenwood The Website 0779714771
Sophie Oliveira Facebook 07797925333